My undergraduate work included a lot of time in the printmaking studio, working primarily in silk screen. (You won't see any of those prints here!) In graduate school I worked in intaglio and lithography. Our studio was well equipped for both. I spent and additional semester when I graduated as an artist in residence working in lithography, while teaching as an adjunct professor. Since then I've added simple relief prints and wood engraving to the list, as well as collographs. I teach printmaking frequently at the John C. Campbell Folk School, and I'm looking forward to working in the new Book Arts Department, which has a space devoted to all kinds of printmaking.

Printmaking Waiting Room

Two plate relief print with rainbow rollup, giving the prints more colors.

Printmaking Sumi Relief Print

Two color relief print on wood. Tools of my trade.

Printmaking Don't Bug Me

Four relief blocks tell the story of the bug and the cat. The bug wins. Red dots were added by hand.

Printmaking Dilemma

Lithograph, hand colored.
In the ice cream it says, "Just Can't Do It." so in the cone I've written "Eat Your Words" to counteract that message.

Printmaking Facebook

This little book, "Facebook", was made using copper intaglio plates. The images are all objects that have faces in them, if you look at them right.

Printmaking ZPG Intaglio

Etching with aquatint on copper. Lettering was done backwards.

Printmaking Tennessee Breeze

Intaglio on copper with aquatint. Quilts for sale along the highway, blowing in the Appalachian breeze.

Printmaking Flying Geese

Intaglio with aquatint on copper.
Flying geese quilt pattern; the cat's asleep because the geese have flown out of the painting on the wall.

Printmaking Couch Potato

Intaglio with aquatint on copper.
The cat takes over the couch.

Printmaking Paint & Draw

Lithograph. Large print used to make an artist's book. There were four images on two sheets, which were then cut up to make the books. Limited edition of 20.

Ben Shahn Book I

This book, made while I was an Artist in Residence after getting my MFA and creating The Face of Humanity, had lots of faces in it, some of real people, some I just made up.

Printmaking Ben Shahn

The back sides of the larger images have text from The Shape of Content, by Ben Shahn. The sheets have 3-panels, making gate folds throughout the book.

Ben Shahn book VII

The title and end pages wrap around the first and last signatures with a profile of a face.

Printmaking Oshkosh Advice

Hand colored lithograph, done when my kids were little and wearing lots of Oshkosh.

Printmaking Rudolf's Cookie

Lithograph, hand colored.
Rudolf Koch, type designer and book artist, had a mark that is the same as the Nabisco mark, shown here. When I made this, Oreo was making 'Double Stuf' cookies, which I used for a model. My cat took a nibble out of this one.

Printmaking Self Portrait

Collograph self-portrait with mesh, sand paper, thread, hot glue and cut paper.


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Printmaking South Paw collograph

Collograph using wood chips, sand paper, assorted meshes and string. This is my little cat logo.