You might think that with Google Maps on your cell phone, you might never need a map again. I have studied the principles of cartography to make clear and precise maps. They often need to have more than just the basics of highways and cities, and specialty maps will never go out of style. My maps are often designed as an enclosure for a wedding invitation, or a guide to specific destinations. As a calligrapher, I try to bring a handmade look to my maps, though quite a bit of the work is done on the computer. One of my favorite projects is the map of the tribal areas of Native Americans before the white folks drew different lines.

Cartography NA Indians Map

This surprising map shows the tribal areas of Native Americans. In working on it I was amazed that there are no straight lines, and little reference to rivers as dividing lines. I love the finger lakes in New York, with each group of Iroquois having its own lake.

Cartography White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm is nationally famous for its mail order business; it is a day's drive through the beautiful back roads of Connecticut, bringing gardeners from through New York and New England to browse the many choices for their gardens.

Cartography Nebraska Sod House

Drawn from a sketch by my client's grandmother, this shows the tiny space in a sod house. It looks cozy, with only a bit of privacy.

Cartography Western NC Antiques

This handy map in the back of a travel guide for antique dealers shows the highways and the locations of the advertisers.


Cartography Antiques So Carolina

This map for the Upstate of South Carolina, was used in a promotional brochure for the dealers. Here we listed all the dealers directly on the map; a contemporary solution would be to have the dealers listed nearby in type, as it could more easily be revised as the businesses change.

Cartography JCCFS Colored Pencil Map

The John C. Campbell map is a work in progress, as it has grown considerably since I first drew a map for them about 2003. This version needs the new Book Arts Studio near the painting studio.


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